Cefaly for Migraine, Headaches, Stress

Your drug-free answer to migraine, cluster and tension headaches

Cefaly for Migraine Pain ReliefState-of-the-art technology

Cefaly is a medical device to give pain relief to people suffering from migraines and cluster/tension headaches, also for people suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and frontal sinusitis.

This is the European 3 program Unit

Frequent headaches, anxiety and stress. CEFALY can change your life. With its pleasant stimulative effect, it inhibits pain, arrests headaches, calms anxiety and soothes stress.

A few sessions a week are all that's needed to restore your wellbeing, clear your head and alleviate stress.


The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first medical device for preventing migraines. It's called Cefaly and works by stimulating nerves beneath the forehead. 

  • Totally Safe
  • Rapid Effect
  • Highly Effective
  • Easy to Use

The CEFALY pain relieving treatment is a tried and tested technique. Extremely well respected scientific reviews have confirmed the effectiveness of this method for several years. However, the equipment to date has been complex, heavy, cumbersome and expensive. At last, sophisticated CEFALY technology now offers simple, lightweight and economical equipment.

Stop the Drugs

The excessive use of analgesics can have very negative long-term effects. Headaches become chronic, sometimes even occuring daily. It's a vicious circle. The more headaches you get, the more you use drugs, the more they loose their effectiveness and the more you have headaches.

CEFALY uses TENS technology, which has been known about in medical circles for over 40 years and is used widly in pain treatment. This technology is renowned for it's safety and absence of side-efffects.

It's effectiveness has been scientifically proven in clinical studies and confirmed by statements from its users.

Fast and Simple

A self-adhesive electrode is placed on the forehaed. The CEFALY device is worn like a pair of spectacles, and once in position it connects to the electrode. When the button is pressed, the 20 minute course of treatment is delivered automatically.

The treatment is a 20 minute session and the clinical tests give the following results:

Tension headaches prevention - 20 minutes every day for 30 days – 93% said that frequency of headaches had been significantly reduced.

Tension headaches treatment - 20 minutes in a single session – 86% of patients said that pain significantly reduced or headache gone. completely

Frontal sinusitis treatment - 20-40 minutes every day for 20 days – 100% significant improvement.

Cluster headache treatment - 20-120 minutes in a single session – 67% say pain intensity was lessened significantly and 37% said length of attack was reduced significantly.

Migraine prevention - 20 minutes every day for 15 days – 47% said that frequency of migraines had been reduced.

Migraine treatment - 20-60 minutes in a single session – Patients said that pain intensity was reduced by 52%.

Cefaly Migraine TreatmentThe unit is a band that you wear around the front of your head (bit like Wonderwoman!) and it sends electrical impulses through an electrode patch placed in between your eyebrows that works on the trigeminal nerves at the front of the face. It has three programmes:

Programme 1 is the treatment programme, based on TENS technology and works on blocking the flow of pain at the entrance of the spinal cord

Programme 2 is the prevention or endorphinic programme, increasing endorphins (natural painkillers) into the central nervous system.

Programme 3 is the anti-stress and relaxation programme

This very unusual product complies with all European legislation and is made in France in an ISO factory.

There is very little that can be offered to patients who suffer from these life-destroying headaches other than strong painkilling drugs which are habit forming. We are offering sufferers a possible drug-free solution.

The Cefaly is a medical device. It is suitable for children from the age of 8 upwards, but must always be used under adult supervision.


  1. Recent brain or facial trauma
  2. Skin abrasion on the forehead in the area of application of the electrode
  3. Meniere's disease

Cefaly for migraine and stress

Customers Testimonials

"Its nothing short of a miracle. It's just incredible."  Wendy Andrews, 63, UK

"I've got my life back. My attacks are less frequent, and I've got the perfect solution for keeping them in check." Serge Andrieux, 43, France

"I'm full of energy again, and I'm not running to the pharmacy any more" Caroline Coindet, 39, Switzerland

"My migraines started after my third child when I was 28.   They were triggered by stress, time of the month, any alcohol, chocolate and cheese  - the usual things.   Also weekends, which is very common.  The headache was centred above my right eyebrow and over to the back of my head, and having tried everything on (and off) the market, in those days I had to resort to a medication called “Migril” which has very unpleasant side-effects.    If no medication was taken the headache continued, the longest I was able to bear it was three weeks, then had to take the medication.  Three more children made no difference to the migraine, going through the menopause equally made no difference at all.

When Glaxo produced “Imigran” my life changed because I could take this while I was working, it had little or no side-effect but it was hideously expensive, about £15 a pill.   I would on average take four or five pills in a week, as my migraines continued at that rate, so the only benefit was that it treated my migraines but did not diminish the frequency.  My doctor finally told me that I could not go on taking Imigran at that rate and should try to find another remedy.

Last year I read about the Cefaly in the Daily Mail, and immediately sent for one.   I have followed the instructions faithfully, (I still use it for five minutes morning and evening, but you can leave this bit out if you like!) and have now been using it for nearly six months.  For me, the result was almost immediate, for during this time I have only had one or two (comparatively minor) migraines, and most recently none at all.   I will be sixty in November, so it is fair to say that I have been suffering both physically, emotionally and financially from migraine for over thirty years, but since I have been using the Cefaly I have been able to lead a normal life and have not had to pay nearly so much attention to what I eat or drink as well!" Mary P (London)

Video in French of the Cefaly


Product Price Quantity
Cefaly - EEC certified 3 programme unit
Cefaly Spare Electrodes - 3 in a pack

Customer Reviews of Cefaly for Migraine, Headaches, Stress

bonsaijay -
nothing short of a miracle, had two brain surgeries to help me with migraines and I think I have found my answer, two days and i can't put it down. thank you cefaly :)
Mike -
It works ! Strongly recommended
Linda A. -
This product is wonderful. My migraines have been greatly reduced and when I get a migraine, the pain level is much lower. Customer service is excellent! I am so grateful!
D. Ronson -
excellent device, very pleased with helpful suggestions from customer service and 1st class delivery. recommend strongly.
Lizzie, Sussex, UK -
i've been using the cefaly for a while now and found it really does what it says on the box, a note of advice to other new users, when u first start and the sensation is a bit strong press the... Read

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